Read more about the relationship between US, China, and 5G technology in Paul Schulte's latest book: The Race for 5G Supremacy: Why China Is Surging, Where Millennials Struggle, & How America Can Prevail.

China is surging in the tech race — and will continue to outperform the United States. The rising power has done exceptionally in Super Apps, bullet trains, 5G, electric vehicles, digital currency, smart cities, blockchain applications, and quantum communications in space, among others. Its payment platforms are increasingly adopted along the entire Silk Road.

The genesis of this book was to discover an 'Apollo Program' for the US to catch up in these areas, but we discovered a much deeper need for a social/mental health Apollo Program for millennials who are bogged down by a host of under-appreciated and intertwined issues which cause anxiety and alienation and lead to massive losses in workplace productivity. This book proposes two Apollo programs — one for tech and one for millennials — by a millennial. Strategies for cracking the highly competitive Chinese Super App ecommerce market are also revealed.


  • Where Did It All Go Wrong with the US and China
  • US Versus China by the Numbers
  • While America Was Fighting Wars, Chinese Tiger Moms Were Drilling Their Millennials
  • The Journey into IoT and the Cloud with Coca-Cola
  • Accenture and IoT: Long on PowerPoint, Short on Solutions
  • IoT in Vietnam and Cambodia
  • AT&T and Huawei in Mexico City
  • Verizon
  • Building an IOT E-commerce Business in Shanghai
  • A 25-Step Approach on How to Crack the Chinese E-commerce Market
  • Conclusion and Recommendations

Readership: Students and entrepreneurs who are interested in technology and the Sino–US economic developments.

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